Best Ways To Choose The Right Course To Study In The University 2022

Choose The Right Course To Study

Do you want to know; How To Choose The Right Course To Study In The University in 2022? How can I choose the right course to study? This is the question that bothers some secondary school leavers. Luckily, I am going to give you the tips to choose the perfect course to study by asking yourself 4 simple questions!

Many undergraduates and graduates are regretting their choice of course today. They have failed to consider some essential facts while choosing a field of study. This is usually due to influence by parents, friends and family members.

As this decision is a sensitive one that determines the future of a man, I have decided to write this article today so that you will not make a decision with a regretful end.


If you are at the point of choosing a field of study, the following are the questions you should ask yourself.

How To Choose The Right Course To Study In The University

Do I Have Passion For This Course?

The word “PASSION”  is irresistible and should never be underestimated. Choosing a course without desire often leads to regret. If you have a passion for computer and the internet, why don’t you go for Computer science or engineering? Don’t be influenced by other people’s decision to go for Biology-related courses like medicine and surgery when you don’t like biology.

The passion for a course should be considered first because:

  1. Studying a course you have a passion for is usually easier.
  2. Studying a course you don’t have passion for is harder

Am I Capable To Study This Course?

Your ability is best known to you. Consider an average or below average student choosing Medicine and Surgery. What happens? It will be difficult for such a person to cope with the course requirement which may lead to failure. So, consider your ability, how much you can read, your retentive capability before choosing a course.

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How Much Do I Need To Study This Course?

“Money” is another important thing to consider while choosing a course.

Consider the standard of living of your parents or your sponsor. Courses that involve more practical and expensive such as Anatomy, Medicine, Animal-related Courses should not be chosen by someone with a low standard of living. It will affect you during your period of study.

What Is The Status Of This Course In The Economy?

I’ll break this question down into two parts:

  1. Is employment readily or rarely available?
  2. How much will I get paid after getting a job?

A. Courses like medicine, pharmacy, law, chemical engineering, computer engineering, Mass communication, civil engineer, nursing e.t.c have high demand in the Labour market while Courses like religious study, music, zoology, sports, sociology and geography are not marketable.

So, choose Courses that are in high demand in the labour market.

B. Everybody wants to earn some cool cash. Nobody wants to graduate and start earning #20,000-30,000 yearly. While some courses pay greatly, others are manageable.

Everybody wants to earn hundreds of thousands yearly.

However, the geographical location should also be considered because a course that pays in Nigeria may not pay in the USA. I believe if you can answer the questions above, you will make the best decision in choosing a course for study.

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I hope you found the answer to the question you were looking for “How To Choose The Right Course To Study In The University” Feel free to share and let me know how you feel using the comment box.


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