What You Should Not Do In ABUAD As A First-Year Student 2022

What You Shouldn't Do In ABUAD

You’re here: What You Should Not Do In ABUAD As A First-Year Student. Many ABUAD students after gaining admission proceed to make certain stupid mistakes. As a university student, there are What You Should Not Do In ABUAD As A First-Year Student.

Some of these silly mistakes are as a result of what they think was wise to do. These mistakes actually go a long way to affect them physically, psychologically, academically and even emotionally.

Some of these silly mistakes are as a result of what they think was wise to do. These mistakes actually go a long way to affect them physically, psychologically, academically and even emotionally. this is the more reason you need to know What You Should Not Do In ABUAD As A First-Year Student.


As a result, most of them end the session with  GP less than 3.0 on a scale of 5.0.

After three years of experience in the great University of Benin, I have been able to make an analysis of the stupid mistakes made by 100 Level students.

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The mistakes “What You Should Not Do In ABUAD” discussed below are not exclusive to 100 level students. However, it has greater effects on them.

In addition, it is applicable to UNILAG, UNIBEN, UNIPORT, LASU, UI, ABSU, AAU, BUK, DELSU, FUTA, UNN, LU and other Nigerian university students.

What You Should Not Do In ABUAD As A First-Year Student 2022



Many ABUAD students in their first year living as if they were the first persons to get admitted. Immediately they see their names on the admission list, they feel that is all.

They do not ask questions about the school, their department or course of study. They also fail to realize that it is what they have in their head that takes them ahead in school.

ABUAD is called UNISTRESS for nothing. Many ABUAD students are facing challenges in 200L as a result of what they didn’t know in 100L. For you not to experience the challenges your senior students are facing, you must know what they didn’t know.

You need to be properly guided on:

  • Resumption date
  • Clearance date
  • The required documents
  • Updates on course registration
  • ABUAD School Fees payment deadline
  • How ABUAD students should Jark
  • How exam questions are set
  • The university marking scheme
  • Tips to avoid missing scripts or Absent cases
  • Understanding ABUAD

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As a 300 level Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, I can tell you that distraction is one of the main things advertised in ABUAD. The distractions come in different dimensions. This makes it more difficult to identify. In ABUAD, distractions come in the form of:

  • Social activities
  • Pretty girls and handsome boys
  • Parasitic relationship
  • Campus fellowship.

Prioritize your time so as to accomplish the tasks that produce the best result for your academics. You cannot stop distractions from coming your way. However, you can choose not to be distracted.


This mistake is not peculiar to ABUAD students. As a year one student, you want to make friends and associate with everyone you come across.
You want to attend all the shows to show that you have arrived. Have you forgotten that who you follow determines what follows you? it does.

ABUAD is a federal University and as a result, admits students from different tribes and background. This is a good reason why you should be selective in your choice of friends.

Many students are still regretting their choice of friends. Be warned!


Who classes help? this is the language of ABUAD students. ABUAD Engineering students are mostly guilty of this. The truth is that classes may not help you in 100L.

However, if you cultivate this habit in 100L, it will be very difficult for you to leave. This will in-turn harm you in the second year of study. If a class isn’t helping you, then what is helping you in school?


ABUAD calendar is currently moving at the speed of sound. If you don’t prepare with the speed of light, the exam date will come as a flash to you.

Many ABUAD students in their first year shake hands with procrastination, forgetting the fact that it has crippled their senior colleagues. ABUAD exams usually come as surprise to those who are not prepared; they are no jokes.  Start preparing as early as possible.


This is very common with Law and Management science students. They iron clothes for five hours daily and move round to impress the opposite sex.

You are in school to study and develop yourself, not for a beauty show. Don’t carry shinning body with an empty brain. Invest in your personality.


Many 100L ABUAD students waste precious time on school junction doing things that do not add value to their life. There are better things to do than to waste time.

Remember, killing time is not murder but suicide.


Hundred level ABUAD students are fond of going to night classes in groups. They spend more time discussing and less time studying. This impacts their academic performance negatively. Do not follow the crowd, tonight class. Make every second of your stay in the night class count.


Many hundred level ABUAD students feel they know it all. They feel too proud to ask questions. What you do not know is senior to you. Humble yourself and learn. In fact, if you are too proud, you become too heavy for people to carry along. Keep calm and learn soft work.


Many ABUAD students do not take GST courses serious. For some, it is very easy so they can read it a day to the exam. For others, they hate GST with passion.

They believe that general studies courses do not add to CGPA has been thoroughly debunked. The fact remains that GST add to your GPA and should be taken very seriously. The rate at which 100L ABUAD students fail GST courses has assumed a gargantuan proportion.

In conclusion, you can’t graduate from ABUAD without passing all your General studies courses. The earlier you understand this, the better for you.


Personally, I will not advise any ABUAD 100L student to stay outside the hostel. Some of the benefits of staying in a hostel are:
  • Proximity to class
  • You get first-hand information
  • You get motivated the more
  • Enabling environment to mingle with students from other departments and faculties
  • Less comfort and distractions


ABUAD hundred level students find it difficult to say no. They feel, “If I refuse to go out with him, what will he say”. Do not let the fear of what people would say make you swim in the ocean of indecision.

Know what you like and what you do not like. Also, know what works best for you. Be yourself….

BONUS On What You Should Not Do In ABUAD


Yes, I call it trade. This is the place where an exchange of girls take place. You see heavy Jeeps around every weekend to pick our girls. Most 100L boys and girls hang out around hall two car park throughout the night.

They want to belong and as a result, the senior students are taking them along. The fear of the hall 2 car park is the beginning of wisdom.

Don’t let people exchange you in Hall two. In the female hostel (Hall 2), there are many things. Be warned….

I hope you found the answer to the question you were looking for “What You Should Not Do In ABUAD” Feel free to share and let me know how you feel using the comment box.


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