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If yes then this jamb Updates is for you.
As this year’s jamb draws close by, it is important we guide our visitors who happen to be candidates of jamb exams on the proper steps to take in order to get A’s and B’s.
Our target for you is A’s and B’s in this year’s jamb exams, as you all know O level results play an important role in securing admission in any higher institution as they are mostly combined with what you scored in post utme. The higher your grade the higher your chances of securing admission.
A lot of jamb candidates are scared because they thought that the National Examination Council Exam-jamb is more difficult to pass than waec. But the irony of the matter is that thousands of students pass jamb Examination every year, this goes a long way to prove that one can still achieve success in jamb.
As you prepare for jamb 2021 reset your mind, you must develop a positive mindset towards making a good grade, always imagine your self as a successful student. “Stop saying will i ever pass this jamb exam? ” if anyone has ever told you that jamb is hard or difficult that you won’t make it, please reject it. Always try and be positive no matter what. See your self in the good side.