Dubai Residency – How To Get Dubai Residence Visa

Dubai Residency is one of the most sought-after visas in the world. This visa allows a person to reside and work in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates for a period of one or three years. With this visa, immigrants can live anywhere they want in the country. The thing that would make Dubai residency stand out from all other residences is not just its wealth but its safety and security.

The residents enjoy life here under the protection of their law enforcement agencies while living among their own people who are also rich and well-educated people than any other country that could offer them better opportunities abroad.

Types of Dubai Residence Visa

There are two types of residence visas in Dubai, permanent and temporary residence visas. The permanent one is for people who have already inhabited Dubai or not but would like to stay here for a long time. The temporary one is also for immigrants who would like to reside in Dubai but would like to leave the place after their completion of the residency period.

Dubai Investment Visa

Residents can immigrate to Dubai either under non-exclusive or exclusive categories depending upon the size and type of the investment they make. The size of the investment is based on the source of funds as well as the type of credit they wish to avail. The materials used in the construction processes such as cement and steel and other things are also considered when defining such investments.


Dubai Family Visa

This visa is open for those who have family members in the UAE who are either citizens of the country or one of the relatives of the citizens. This visa is for family members of UAE citizens who want to live with their children in the country. This visa is also for the same-sex partners of citizens and residents living in Dubai.

Employment Visa

This visa is for those who want to work in the UAE for a long period of time. To obtain this visa, you must have a UAE work permit first. The UAE work permit can be obtained by those who are sponsored by an employer in the UAE, or by self-sponsorship, or through a valid visa.

Requirements for Dubai Residency Visa Application

To apply for Dubai Residency Visa, the applicant must be able to provide the following:

Valid passport: the applicant should possess a passport issued by a recognized country.

Age: the applicant should be at least 18 years of age during the period of application.

Medical Report: the applicant must tender medical proof of being in good health condition from an authorized health organization.

Birth Certificate & Passport Photographs: Each applicant is expected to provide two passport-sized photographs.

Dubai Residence Application form: A properly filled visa application form that is signed by the sponsor or guardian.

Job Offer: if applicable, the applicant should provide a work contract that he or she is employed as an expatriate worker from a recognized organization based in Dubai.

Visa Payment proof: You are to pay a visa processing fee of AED40 during online application and AED100 during onsite application.

Who can Sponsor your Dubai Residence Visa?

To get a residency visa in Dubai, you need to have a sponsor who is a UAE national or an expatriate residing in the United Arab Emirates. It is not necessary that your sponsor should be the one who brings you to the country. You can choose any person whether he or she is your friend or family to sponsor you. The only thing that matters is that your sponsor must have legal proof of staying in the UAE for more than five years.

Alternatively, if you have an investment in Dubai, you are qualified to apply for the Dubai Residence visa without the need of a sponsor.

How to Apply for Dubai Residence Visa?

To apply for a Dubai Residency visa, you can visit a center in your country, fill out the application form, fill it and submit all the required documents to a Dubai immigration center.

The decision of issuing a residency visa is solely dependent on the Dubai immigration authorities’ review of your claims. The authorities will take into account all factors such as your profile, the sponsor’s financial capability, and your purpose of visit before issuing you a visa.


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